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7 Star Grand Mantis

Chu Kei (Benny Tsui) is a bumbling idiot, and is taken under the wing by a local old man known as the White Cane Beggar (Eagle Han). They run into trouble with a local gang who have been harassing residents and are run by Chow Chang. Shan and Beggar run across a local girl who also has been having trouble with the gang. They team together to drive the group out, but have to eventually face Chow Chang when he comes to investigate.

Starring: Benny Tsui, Eagle Han Ying, Song Jeong Ah, Kwon Sung-Young
Producer: Tomas Tang
Executive Producer: Dallie Yeung
Action Sequences Designer: Eagle Han Ying
Director: Kim Seon-Gyeong

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: English, Spanish, Korean
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © 1983 by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.