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Three years ago, special agent Aaron Nolan broke up the Garvino gang. But now the brutal Garvino is on the street again. Aaron and his partner Rick Hammet set out to neutralise ciarvino at any cost. The beautiful but deadly Donna, a night club owner with the right connections is Aaron's only ally.

Years earlier, Donna was brutally raped by Garvino's men. She becomes a deadly weapon when teamed up with Richard, a professional killer. They go after the men one by one.

As each member of the mob is killed, Donna relieves the nightmares of the violent capes she had to endure. Donna and Richard sacrifice their lives in the battle. That puts an end to Garvino and his gang. Only Aaron and Rick survive the final bloodbath.

Starring: Mike Abbott, Frank Juhasz,
Juliet Chen Li-Yun, Ma Sha
Producers: Yen Wu Tung & Joseph Lai
Executive Producer: Betty Chan
Director: Charles Li & Hsu Yu Lung
Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English, Spanish
Feature Length: 90 Minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXVII (1987) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.