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Young Big Boss

Two young boys from mainland China climb aboard a makeshift raft and head out to explore the big wide world They end up getting shipwrecked on a deserted beach in Taiwan. he boys find refuge in a holiday camp for kids where they befriend a Japanese girl, Nishio and an american lad. The four kids […]

American Force 6 – Soldier Champion

Escape is the only way to survive. Larry Rourke, leader of the resistance to an oppressive South-Asian country, escapes a prison for political dissidents, but it is all part of a master-plan by the head of the prison, who intends to use him to locate the rebel headquarters. Joined by an anti-government cult, the Full […]

American Force 5 – Mission Dynamo

The Vietnam war, and terrorists led by Torosky battle it out with South-Vietnamese guerrilla forces, assisted by the American Army. But for squad leader Merlin and private first class Bill the war has become so meaningless that they don’t care anymore. After seeing more and more of their friends die, they decide to desert, but […]

American Force 4 – Soldier Terminators

They destroy like an evil disease. The People’s Freedom Army is a loosely knit army of South-east Asian patriots determined to protect their country from the communist threat. Infiltrating this organisation is American agent Samson, who must deal with a subversive maniac, Roman Victor, who is trying to manipulate the PFA for his own evil […]

American Force 3 – High Sky Mission

Fighting from the air, or in the deepest jungle, the enemy must be crushed. A group of deadly American commandos led by Colonel Cobra are sent behind enemy lines during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II. But some of the locals are collaborating with the enemy, so The American Force must […]

American Force 2 – Untouchable Glory

If the missiles are launched, no one will survive. They must be stopped… at any cost. When America and Russia make a move in a power nuclear power-play in South East Asia, a team of elite American commandos are ready for action. Their mission: to liquidate the Soviet espionage team headed by General Karpov, and […]

American Force – The Brave Platoon

The Brave Platoon like the jungle best. Its darkness, its savage justice… Supreme commandos of The American Force, Randy Nolan, Billy ‘the Kid’ Lee and Edward ‘Duke’ Robertson, are The Brave Platoon. Their gun-blazing mission is to track down a KGB officer who has been secretly supplying arms and training to various rebel factions in […]

Assault of Final Rival

Like the Legend of Samson, Tao, with his long tresses, gains strength with the skills taught by an old Monk, who has enabled Tao to defeat many well-known knights. COPYRIGHT © 1982 BY IFD FILM ARTS & SERVICES LTD Starring: Wong Tao, Eva Lin, Lung Fei, Lee Lung Yin, Shi Ting Ken. Producer: Tomas Tang […]

Along Come the Tiger

The Miracle Man thirsty for revenge, arrives in a sleepy town controlled by The Black Dragon gang. The Miracle Man starts eliminating the key members of the gang in a wave of violent and bloody fights. Starring: Wong Tao, Tommy Lee, Lung Jun Erh, Philip Ko, Tung Wai, Wu Ma, Ker Shi Hao Producer: Wong […]

Angels In Hell

Shao Ching grew up in an orphanage. Shao May feels she’s left out when her mom re-married. Shao Ling needs to fill a void with expensive labels and gets seduced by material goods. Shao Wan’s the naïve girl who has fallen for the wrong guy; Shan Shan was raped and she lets herself go. With […]