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1945, Japan foresee defeat in the war. It is the last chance to rob and seize whatever they can in Chinese territories still under their occupation. Meanwhile,
the anti-Japanese society "MOBILE NATION" is getting more active than ever under the leadership of Chang-tung, who risks himself by disguising as pro-Japanese.
Yashido, an expert in Japanese intelligence agent, is on mission to clear out the "Mobile Nation". Chang-tung is among the pro-Japanese at the reception party for Yashido.
He has given instruction to assassin Yashido. The conspiracy ends up with Yashido unhurt but the capture of several "Mobile Nation" members. Chang, in order to gain trust of Yashido,
even sacrifices his brother-in-law whom Yashido suspects. Chang's wife, Wai-ying, knowing nothing of her husband's activities, begs Yashido to set her brother free.
Yashido would only agree to do so if the leaders of the "Mobile Naton" are arrested. Chang's comrades, Yan-mo and So-dun are fleeing from the deadly chase of Yashido's men.
Wai-ying knows their whereabouts and tells Yashido. Yashido brings his men for a showdown with the "Mobile Nation". However, with Yan-mo and So-dun Wai-Ying is shocked to find her husband,
Chang, fighting on the side of his comrades. This is a fast-paced explosive kung-fu actioner!

Cast: Philip Chang Yi Tao, Sonny Tanaka,
Ronny lee, Nelson Lee, Bae Su Chun, Yeo Su Jin.
Guest Star : Bolo Yeung.
Producer: Kim Tai Soo
Executive producer: Joseph Lai
Director: Nam Gi Nam

Format: Color, 35mm, 4:3
Languages: English
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXX (1980) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.