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The beautiful but lonely Adrianna (Maria Conchita Alonso) is in a troubled marriage to Jeff (Al Sapienza), a wealthy computer magnate who is having an affair with his secretary Elisa (Elise Ballard).
The couple has just relocated to Mexico as a result of a company merger, when a local, highly organized gang led by Mauricio (Alejandro Tommasi) and Victor (J. Eddie Peck) kidnaps Adrianna.
The ransom demand is very high and Jeff doesn’t pay immediately.
Instead he hires a former Los Angeles cop and expert hostage negotiator, Paul (Jeff Fahey), to oversee the payment of the ransom and secure his wife’s safe return.
Adrianna is held in a prison within a large hacienda, where she is kept constantly blindfolded. As the negotiations drag on, she becomes increasingly afraid Jeff doesn’t want her back and the ransom won’t be paid.
In her world of constant darkness, she begins to develop heightened senses of hearing, smell, touch. Determined to survive at any cost, she uses her powers to successfully seduce one of her captors, Victor.
Paul sets a rendezvous with the kidnappers with the intention of busting their operation, but the sting goes wrong and Mauricio orders Victor to kill Adrianna. However Victor,
now captivated by Adrianna, instead turns the gun on Mauricio, wounding him, and she escapes.

Cast : Maria Conchita Alonso, Jeff Fahey,
J. Eddie Peck , Al Sapienza , Elise Ballard
Director : Adolfo Martinez Solares
Producer : Peter Hamilton,
Adolfo Martinez Solares, Harry John Trube

Running Time : 95 minutes
Release : 2000



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