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Kang-ho is a man who believes loyalty is the highest human virtue. He befriends Geo-ryong who takes him into the mob led by Chung Dong-nam. Kang-ho becomes an underworld celebrity when he infiltrates and
destroys a powerful international drug cartel. Geo-ryong falls for Kang-ho's younger sister Hye-rim. Meanwhile, Kang-ho and Geo-ryong try to mentor Oh-bong who tries to leave the organisation but the
organisation attacks him before they can take him under their wings. He narrowly escapes death and is moved by their friendship. When the two friends realise that Dong-nam has been using his men for his own gain,
they are angered beyond words and decide to attack him on Geo-ryong and Hye-rim's engagement day. But tragedy befalls them when Geo-ryong is killed. The sight of Geo-ryong's body devastates everyone at the party.
During the final confrontation between Kang-ho and Dong-nam,
Oh-bong sacrifices his life to save Kang-ho. Kang-ho deals the final deadly blow to Dong-nam for Oh-bong and Geo-ryong.

Cast: Casanova Wong (Wang Ho) ,
Choi Byung-Chel , Cha Ryong , Kim Du-Han
Screenplay: O Gwang-jae
Producer: Kim Yong-ro
Director : Wong Ho

Running Time: 95mins
Released: 1995



Copyright ©  (1995)  All Rights Reserved.