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White Snake Wonder

“He is married to the most beautiful princess, Until he discovers that she’s not a human.” Based on a Chinese folk tale, this is the story of a forbidden romance between Janyi, a white snake ghost, and Holeman, a poor medicine man living a simple life. Janyi wants to be his wife but because he’s […]

Victor in the Sea

“Leaving home is easy… finding his way back is hard.” Young Marty loves the open sea, much like his father, which is of major concern for his mother since father died at sea when Marty was a baby. Now her son has gone missing on a sailing voyage. Many years later she meets a young […]

Tales From the Woods

“Life is an adventure, live it up.” Drawn from various children’s folk tales, this highly educational animation comprises of 5 different episodes filled with laughs, thrills and insights about life that any kids and parents won’t want to miss. Follow a variety of zany critters as they explore the world around them, and the unexpected […]

Return to Paradise

“He was framed for a crime that he didn’t commit. To reclaim his honour, he’s prepared to die for it.” Han, a young sailor, becomes personal guard to the King of Malaka after he saves the King’s minister from a pirate, but the minister frames Han and he is thrown into the sea. Rescued by […]

Princess Lolo

“Can she love the man who killer her father?” A young boy, Johnny, discovers a jade necklace during a school outing and finds himself transported to a magical Kingdom. Here lives a powerful King called Baka who can’t stop himself from swallowing up other kingdoms and making enemies along the way. When Baka’s daughter Lolo […]

Marco & Miky

“Don’t ever stop asking why!” Through the eyes of Marco and his little brother Miky, their quest for knowledge will take our young audiences through a series of adventures that will explain the mysteries of our daily encounters, which we as adults taken for granted. For example, why does a mosquito bite make us feel […]

The Magic Pouch

“In a crisis, you can either fight or run.” Coco, a free-spirited teenage girl, lives a care-free life in the countryside with her mother and her forest animal friends. But this is all about to change when a giant monster, Green Buto, arrives on the scene; having made a pact with her mother so that […]

Lost Palace

“In a deep forest, No one can hear you cry!” Beemond and his friends find themselves stranded in a wild forest during a hiking trip. They are spooked by a strange looking hunchback figure, but rescued by a beautiful young lady and her crow. She then invites them to spend the night at her nearby […]

Little Mouse Deer

“There she goes, catch her if you can!” Tiger Bram, king of the jungle, is looking to get even with the little mouse deer, having been tricked one too many times. Poor little mouse deer; not only is Tiger Bram after her but the snake and the crocodile are also hot on her tail. She […]

King Roger

“They need a warrior for a suicide mission. There’s only one man they can trust.” Based on a folk tale from Java back in the year 1681, King Jingo expands his power over his neighbour state of Kepatihan. The Queen decides to call for the help of her uncle Pat who recruits his three nephews […]