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Young Big Boss

Two young boys from mainland China climb aboard a makeshift raft and head out to explore the big wide world They end up getting shipwrecked on a deserted beach in Taiwan. he boys find refuge in a holiday camp for kids where they befriend a Japanese girl, Nishio and an american lad. The four kids […]

5 Pattern Dragon Claws

The Silver Fox battles untold men with his deadly Thunder Foot technique and rules supreme in the martial arts, until a young fighter develops the Lightning Mantis Strike. Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, Dragon Lee, Seo Jeong-Ah Producer: Tomas Tang Director: Kim Si-hyun Format: Color, 35mm Languages: English, Mandarin, French, Korean Feature Length: 90 minutes   […]

Escape to High Risks

The cult classic “Escape to High Risks an often sadistic and certainly batty, sexy, proud and violent POW scum fest that sets ‘Chinese’ insurgents against vile, evil Hitler moustache ‘Japanese’ camp guards who think nothing of shooting, stabbing, torturing and slapping their mud covered, constantly scream-in wards. The always sassy Elsa Yang plays a clever, […]

Survival of a Dragon

A Sung dynasty swordsman is transported 900 years into the present day and must fend for his life while adapting to modern society.. COPYRIGHT © 1982 BY IFD FILM ARTS & SERVICES LTD Starring: Alan Liu Ter Kai,Lee Lieh, Li Jien Ping, Hung Chiu-Hung, Paul Wei Ping Au. Producer: Joseph Lai Executive Producer: Hung Chiu-Hung […]

Made in China

Kung fu champ John is given the chance to train CIA agents in martial arts by using self-hypnosis. But when he discovers the reason he escapes and the CIA go after him. John must fight for his life all over Europe as he flees the CIA. Starring: John Liu, Roger Paschy, Casanova Wong Dan Schwarz. Producer: John […]

Dragon Blood

Liu travels to the USA from China in search of his relatives and the hopes of finding a peaceful life. However, he has in his possession a sacred dragon medallion that was taken from the Qing court. An assassin from the Qing is sent after him, and soon he discovers that life in the Wild […]

Zen Kwun Do Strikes in Paris

Liu plays the Hong Kong martial films star and son of a NASA scientist kidnapped in Paris which may be valuable for a criminal organization. Liu comes back to France, where he had a sentimental affair with a Frenchwoman which ended bad and also created the Zen-Kwun-Do martial school. In Paris Liu must fight many […]

Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist

Father Ho, struggling to maintain his proprietorship of the Ho’s ancestral temple, sent his son Cubby to the Grass Mountain to be trained for advanced Kung fu. To his dismay, however, Cubby returned, strong and able, but said he would never fight with people because it is inhuman to hurt or kill anyone. The indignant […]

Thunder Cat Woman

“She’s A One Woman Ninja Death Force” A superb martial arts movie gem. Hard hitting action! The Thunder Cat Woman, seeks to avenge the murder of her father, and in order to defeat the Tirad mob that brought about his demise she must master the art of the Yagu Ninja style. Once mastered she leaves […]

7 Commandments of Kung Fu

A ruthless assassin (Chang Yi) adopts a new disciple (Lee Yi Min) from an old kung fu master. He teaches him the deadly Mantis Style in the hope that his new protégé will continue his killing for him. Awesome action follows! Starring: Lee Yi Min, Chang Yi, Lung Fei, Chin Kwo Chung. Producer: Lee Yi Min Executive […]