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The beautiful and gentle Guo Meizhen was originally a lady at the cosmetics counter. She lives a tedious life of welcoming guests with smiles, but she spends her days peacefully and peacefully.
One day, Meizhen meets a male heir Kahui, and Kahui launches a close nailing tactic, and Meizhen is completely in love. Just when the two were in a sweet state, Meizhen ran into another man, Lin Ziyang, but Jiahui and Ziyang were former classmates. Meizhen was in a dilemma between the two men. I don't know what to do?
Jiahui is romantic, and Meizhen secretly promises a down-to-earth Ziyang. When the two are talking about marriage, unexpectedly Ziyang mistakenly lingers with Meizhen's sister Meizhen while drunk, unfortunately, he is met by the returning Meizhen. Meizhen left angrily when she was sad.
Ziyang regretted it and confessed in every possible way, but was not forgiven. After Jiahui and Osmanthus two happiest friends worked in a smart way, they acted as peacemakers, and under ingenious arrangements, Meizhen and Ziyang have shown their hearts and are considerate to each other and join hands to form a good relationship.

Starring: Yao Zhizhong, Zhang Wenjin, Yu Liling
Producer: Joseph Lai
Director: Gao Bing



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