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Man in his environment tries his best to overcome difficulties. Especially Chang Yung-Kuang ( portrayed by Li Shiao-Fei) has to strive to meet various challenges.
Yung-Kuang and his kid brother, A-Ming, lived happily with their aunt although he must work hard in daytime and study at night.
Unfortunately their aunt died of illness and the city government sent them a notice to tear down their illegally-built shelter. As a result, they rambled around without a fixed place to stay.
Yung-Kuang incidentally met Black Rat (acted by Hsieh Wan-Yi) and joined ticket scalping. They were caught by the police at their first deal. He tried his best to find a job, but all in vain.
In order to make a living and take care of his kid brother, finally he managed to temporarily work in a restaurant. Since he didn't like the bad manner of the guests,
he was again discharged by the snotty manager. While he was preparing tools and equipment for car-washing, a gang of street thugs broke in declaring to locate Black Rat.
Even the chief of t:he gang (portrayed by Masa) threatened him forcefully, he still refused to tell them his friend's whereabouts. A fight occurred and Yung-Kuang was beaten up.
Black Rat was hiding in the dark without the courage to stand out. Yang Hsiu-Mei ( portrayed by Ming-Ming), Yung Kuang's girl friend,
married to a rich old man as a concubine just because she could not bear poor living any more. Chu Kuo-Chen, a girl of wealthy, loved Yung Kuang very much and recommended him to work in her father's company.
Butterfly Fang Shih-Chieh played every trick to malign Yung-Kuang with an attempt of grabbing the wealthy Kuo-Chen. But he failed to make it including a loss in cycling race.
By fusing his outstanding intelligence, Yung-Kuang worked out many excellent designs and made pretty much money for the company.
When Chu's father selfishly asked him to sell his patent right of the designs, he refused. However, Black Rat was seriously sick at the hospital.
Yung Kuang could not but went back to Chu's father to make a deal so as to get enough money for the medical expenses. Chu's father was deeply moved by his righteousness
and sincere friendship, he promised to pay all the expenses. When Black Rat was dying, he expressed his truly appreciation for Yung-Kuang's brother-like concern and care.
Yung Kuang felt very bad after his friend's death, but he would not be dis-encouraged. He • will continue to march forward to meet any kind of challenge.
Director:Tu Po Hang
Cast: Lee Xiao Fei, Ma Sha, Ming Ming
Format: Color, 35mm, 1:1.85
Languages: Mandarin.
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXII (1982) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.