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"Cinema of Vengeance" is an in-depth documentary of the Hong Kong film action industry. Covering broad eras from the early black & white Chinese adventure pictures, to the first real kung fu films:, the golden days of the Shaw Bros. and Golden Harvest studios, the heyday of Bruce Lee, the gangster-influenced era, and finishing out on the time of John Woo's growing international appeal. The movie features a number of exclusive interviews of the more notable names in Eastern martial arts films - Sammo Hung, Bruce Lee, Gordon Liu, Lau Kar Leung, Ti Lung, John Woo, and too many others to mention. Also lesser-known support players like Sophia Crawford and Yukari Oshima, and even Western stars including Don Wilson and Gary Daniels. It's the greatest documentary in 'history'.

Director : Toby Russell
Written & Produced : George Tan
Associate Producer: Roy Mcaree
Featuring :Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Samo Hung, Gordon Liu,Chow Yun Fat

Running Time : 90 minutes
Release : 1994



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