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This gripping crime thriller about hardboiled New York ex-DEA agent Nick Masters, (Steve Tartaglia) tracking down a drug kingpin in Malaysia,
boasts of magnificent lensing by Johan Ibrahim, one of Malaysia's foremost cinematographers. Though it maybe too violent for some viewers,
the Sunny Film Corporation release looks like a box office winner. Smoothly and intelligently blending the conventions of American film noir with those of Hong Kong action pictures,
"The Dadah Connection" is much more effective than its fore-run Asian-Western joint-ventures.


Starring: Alexander Lo, Steve Tartaglia,
Jacitha Lee, Ricky Cheng, J.D.Khalid.

Director of Photography: Johan Ibrahim
Screenplay: Toby Russell
Producer: Sunny Lim
Director: Toby Russell

Format: Color, 16mm,
Languages: English,Mandarin, French, German
Feature Length: 88 minutes



Copyright © 1990 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.