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Ann Carter has what appears to be a perfect life – a beautiful home, a career as an architect and a successful husband. But Mark doesn’t seem to have time for her any more.
His business as a plastic surgeon keeps him working late into the night and appointments with professional acquaintances keep him too busy to spare time for a romantic lunch.
Ann confides in her best friend Laura, who she has known since childhood, that Laura, who is unhappy in her own marriage, has a deep resentment of Ann’s success and would love to see her fail.
As Ann busies herself practicing for the up-coming fencing championships she has won for the last two years – another source of Laura’s malevolence. Laura hatches a plan to send Ann’s life into turmoil.
Why not test Mark’s fidelity? Ann is alarmed at first and refuses to believe Mark would be having an affair. But what if Mark is seeing someone else? What if he is being unfaithful?
Goaded by Laura, Ann reluctantly agrees and Laura arranges for Andrea, the pretty young girl who cleans her pool, to proposition Mark. Under the pretext of consulting him for a breast augmentation,
Andrea secretly tape-records their encounter. Andrea, on the other hand, has her own problems. Her abusive boyfriend, who is also her partner in the pool cleaning business,
is apt to lose his temper for any reason and she moves apartments in the hope of ending their turbulent relationship.
Laura, in a fit of pique, has a fling with Andrea’s disturbed boyfriend and tape-records their lovemaking. She then switches the tapes and presents Ann with the ‘Incriminating’ evidence of Mark’s liaison.
Thus begins a web of deceit, misunderstanding, jealousy, betrayal and secrets.
Set in the steamy, Deep South of Louisiana, Ann learns how lack of trust can become one’s own worst enemy and Laura discovers that what started off as a harmless game has fatal consequences.

Release : 1998
Director : Brad Sanders
Producer : Pamela Brabham, Brad Sanders, Homer E. Sanders
Cast : Joe Chrest, Noelle Evans, Catherine Dent, John Mese

Running Time : 90 minutes

Release : 1998



Copyright ©  (1998)  All Rights Reserved.