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Jodie Keane (Angela Dotchin) tracks down hard nosed ex-undercover cop down Lawless (Kevin Smith) working as a bouncer in a seedy bar and persuades him to help her on a case. She’s secretly very attracted to Lawless,
but keeps a professional distance and focuses on business – a start up private detective agency.

Dean (C. Thomas Howell) is serving time for the murder of a young hitchhiker but his wife, Trina, is convinced of his innocence, especially when the body of another girl is found in the same area.
An enthusiastic Jodie offers to get involved in Dean’s court appeal to reopen his case but Lawless is reluctant until he learns that his old nemesis, Inspector Snow, headed the original inquiry.
Lawless suspects evidence tampering and relishes the thought of getting even.

When the police refuse to reopen the case Dean gets very depressed and makes his own plans to bring things to a resolution. Lawless and Jodie concentrate on finding the real killer and
clever detective work leads them to Graham, a vet. While Jodie and crazy surveillance expert Andy keep Graham under 24 hour watch, Lawless learns that Dean has escaped from prison hospital and
has gone gunning for Inspector Snow. Lawless manages to intercept Dean but is shot and wounded in the process. Meantime, in an attempt to flush out Graham, Jodie sets herself up as bait but Graham realises the ruse,
savagely attacks Andy and takes Jodie hostage.

Despite his injuries Lawless desperately searches for Jodie, who is being held on a remote farm. Meanwhile Graham psychologically unravels and Jodie learns the awful truth of what leads him to kill
– his hatred for all women, including his mother. Jodie almost escapes but Graham holds a deadly syringe to her throat, as Lawless bursts in. With a deeper understanding of Graham’s mental state,
Jodie manages to distract him long enough to escape into Lawless arms.
Graham plunges the lethal drug into his own body. Dean is released and Jodie and Lawless begin to realise their true feelings for one another.

Director : Charlie Haskell
Producer : Tim Sanders
Cast : Angela Dotchin / Kevin Smith / C. Thomas Howell / Bruce Hopkins / Andrew Binns

Running Time : 94 minutes

Release : 2000



Copyright © (2000) All Rights Reserved.