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On a sunny, summer morning Diane Cameron, a beautiful and feisty distress line counsellor, is getting ready to leave for work when a crazed intruder bursts in brandishing a gun. When he momentarily hesitates,
Diane manages to lock herself in the basement until her attacker regains his murderous resolve and once again determines to kill her. Shocked and terrorise, Diane screams pleadingly, “Why are you doing this?”

One week earlier, in a bar near an airport, some business associates, slightly under the influence of over-priced liquor, boast about their corporate expertise, their self-made personal success and joke about their wives and infidelity.
They argue that temptation comes in many forms and seduction can happen to anyone. But Dwayne Cameron, a naive, happy-go-lucky sales rep, insists his wife Diane is unequivocally faithful.

Overhearing their conversation, Graham, a slick, hyper-successful executive, confronts Dwayne and says any man who makes such a claim is a fool. The conversation takes a dramatic and risky turn which leads to a challenge:
the two men make a bet – that Graham can seduce Dwayne’s wife within a week. The wager is $10,000. Dwayne brazenly accepts and gives Graham some information on his wife’s likes and dislikes.

Meanwhile the intruder mounts a faltering, yet unrelenting assault on Diane’s refuge while she desperately barricades herself in, using anything she can find to keep her captor from getting through the door.

Provoked temptation can bring many perils and things do not go according to plan. The intruder’s connection to the wager is revealed on one fateful night during which the hunted will become the hunter;
winners become losers; debts will be settled and all bets are off!

Director : Chris Philpot
Producer : Daniel Woods, Chris Philopt
Cast : Kelly Harms, Waneta Storms, Chris Owens, Gordon Currie

Running Time : 90 minutes

Release : 2004



Copyright © (2004) All Rights Reserved.