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Ambitious nations determine to control the whole world, not just the European countries but also the Asian countries_ To create chaos amongst the Asian nations is their first step and the Asian-Star-Was Strategic Map is the tool.
On this strategic map. targets of vital Asian nations are located. Possession of this map signifies total eruption of the Asian world. The strategic map is in the hands of Louis Smith,
Head of Ninja Squad. He makes use of the map to earn unlimited wealth for himself. In order to keep world peace and order, the United States sends a team of special agents to handle the transaction with Smith for the strategic map.
Chief of this team is Brent. Yet what Smith wants is to gain money without giving up the strategic map. When the transaction is done, Brent is attacked and killed by Ninjas. Henry,
the most brilliant agent of the team, strives to get back the strategic map and avenge Brent's death. Yet, his chance of success appears hopeless as a third parts steps in - U.S.S.R.,
another military superpower. It is now no longer lust a deal between Henry and Smith. DEATH CODE NINJA shows how Henry battles heroically against all kinds of evils, ambition, power and greed for gain.
The final conflict between Henry and Smith comes to a stunning and violent climax.

Cast: Mike Abbott, Chiang Tao, Chang Seng-Kwong, Lu I-Chan, Hsiang Yun-Peng, Chuan Yuan, Ma Chiang

Screenplay: Frank Lewis
Associate Producer: Dallie Yeung
Producer: Tomas Tang
Director: Tommy Cheung

Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English, Spanish, German
Feature Length: 90minutes



Copyright ©1987 by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.