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Mang-wol is left in the lurch when his girlfriend is kidnapped by bandits.
He wants to rescue her, but doesn’t know the martial arts. He learns kung-fu from his drunken servant. Now, armed with his new skills he sets out to face the bandits.

Cast: Simon Lin, Kent Ko, Louisa Monk
Choe Sun-seok , Im Hyeong-guk , Guk Jeong-suk , Yu Byoung-han , Yoo Seong
Director: Walter Park
Producers : Kim Yong-jun ,Lim Won-sick
Executive Producer: Tomas Tang
Cinematography: Yim Jin-hwan

Format: Color, 35mm, Widescreen
Languages: Mandarin, Korean, English, French.
Feature Length: 83minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXI (1983) by FILMARK LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.