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Father Ho, struggling to maintain his proprietorship of the Ho's ancestral temple, sent his son Cubby to the Grass Mountain to be trained for advanced Kung fu. To his dismay, however, Cubby returned, strong and able, but said he would never fight with people because it is inhuman to hurt or kill anyone. The indignant father hated such a cowardly behavior and told Cubby never to come home again unless he agreed to fight for the honor of the Ho tribe.
While Cubby wandered away, he was encountered with Coach Li and Iron-head Wang, both rascals, refused their challenge, but accidentally put them both on the ground.
Li and Wang resorted to Uncle Niu Sam. In a wine—shop they had a quarrel with a beggar boy, but when Cubby, came in, the three rascals had to run for their lives. The boy was Swallow Yun, a homeless orphan. As Cubby was now also homeless, they decided to stay together.
Soon Unole Niu Sam came back to the wine—shop and challenged Swallow with his Eel Kung fu, to which Swallow defended with his Queue Kung fu. Niu Sam was thrown to the ground.
Walking an, Cubby and Swallow cheered each other. Their words were over—heard by Chiao Ta—hai, who never could bear to hear of anybody stronger than himself. He stopped the two young walkers and set out many forceful strokes to which Cubby only defended but had not fought back. In the end Cubby was badly beaten.
After Cubby arrived at the Grass Mountain with Swallow, the Lord Coach was pleased with the pupil faithfully keeping his oath, so in addition taught him one secret Kung fu, the Last Dynamite Blows. Later, Lord Coach asked Cubby to go back home to help his father and, in order to watch and protect the kids, followed them closely behind.
On their way, Swallow made Cubby understand the truth of protecting human rights with fighting against evil persons. So it followed that the Kung fu Hall of Uncle Niu Sam was pounded out, Niu Sam had a broken leg, and Wu Fa, another coach, lost both of his powerful hands.
In front of his home, Cubby and Swallow met Chiao. Cubby was signed by his teacher to use the Last Dynamite Blows. In a moment Chiao and his followers failed and fled.
-Father welcomed son and his friend. He ordered new clean dress for the beggar boy. It was at this time Cubby explained to them Swallow needed a girls dress; he knew all the time she was a tomboy.
— The End —

Starring: Lee Yi Min, Yuen Siu Tin, Lung Tien Hsiang,
Producer: Lee Yi Min
Executive Producer: Tong Dick
Action Sequences Designer: Lee Xiao Ming, Wong chi Sheng
Screenplay: Ann Lee
Director: Tong Dick

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: Mandarin, English, German, Spanish.
Feature Length: 80 minutes



Copyright © 1979 by IFD FILM ARTS AND SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.