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Duel of The Ultimate Weapons copy

Master So roams the country's bars with his hoard of seductive women providing entertainment for the punters — he is also a Kung-Fu Master of the old school.
One of his students has turned renegade killer and Master So sets about training his own son in the secrets of the old ways.
With his son sharpened to the peak of deadly perfection Master So unleashes him into the ultimate duel.
His two greatest students locked in mortal combat. "My eyes ached trying to watch all the action".

Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, Yu Soo Jeun, So Hwa Ja.
Producer: Tomas Tang
Director: Park Woo Sang

Format: Color, 35mm
Languages: English, Mandarin.
Feature Length: 90 minutes




Copyright © (1982) by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LTD.