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Drugs, terrorism and political assassination — the evil Empire of the Spiritual Ninja has struck again, and only the great Ninja Master has the ability to wipe them out. But,
he has a formidable opponent on his hands, because it is one of his old pupils who now rules the dark side of the Ninja power.
A thunderous attack on the Empire's headquarters is the fighting ground for one of the fiercest battles ever waged to restore the true spirit of Ninja honor.

Cast: Tom Berlin, Danny Raisebeck, Sun Chien, Sorapong Chatree, Laura Bells.
Action Director: Tony Kong
Associate Producer: Dalie Yeung
Producer: Tomas Tang
Director: Bruce Lambert

Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English, Spanish, German
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXVII (1987) by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.