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Eric Hayes is a down on his luck video photographer … a journalist who gets stories while roaming the streets with his camera waiting to capture the latest misery and sell it to the highest bidder.

His are the uncompromising stories shown on the evening news – the horror that lurks, the gritty street action and dark supernatural terror that lies in wait. He captures police chases, ambulance runs and random street violence usually preying on the wretched and miserable for the sake of a headline.

Looking for a new story in order to pay his bills, he watches a murder while shooting the ‘exclusive’ footage instead of trying to prevent it. Later, trying to drown his sorrows, he justifies his actions as a necessary part of his job.

While following a police pursuit one lonely evening, he drives into the depths of downtown LA and is distracted by a shadow in the distance. Thinking it could be his “big story” he grabs his camera and frantically takes chase, only to stumble upon a gruesome, cannibalistic murder that unfolds before his eyes.

Eric takes his footage to one of his TV buyers only to discover that in his drunken stupor he had forgotten to load any film.

Taking his camera, and with the help of Clift, another video freelancer, Eric returns to the scene of the crime hoping to profit from the aftermath and salvage something from his error. As he is drawn into the darkness, what he finds around the corner forces him to confront the depravity he has helped to promote.

Zombies, cannibals and flesh eaters emerge from below the streets of Hollywood to feed on the homeless and underprivileged.

Clift is overpowered by the ghouls and Eric flees in a panic only to have the valuable recording stolen by a crazy street person.

One final time Eric returns to the scene – but will he survive?

Director : Chad Ferrin
Producer : John Santos, Nicholas Lozidies, Chad Ferrin
Cast : Timothy Muskatell, Trent Haaga, Stephen Blakehart, Tiffany Shepis
Running Time : 81 minutes

Release : 2003



Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved.