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Brandon Walker (Ken Hebert), a young executive, asks a few friends to join him at his family’s seldom used cabin in the Texas Hill country for a weekend of partying, fishing and fun. Mark (Hank Fields), his wife Susan (Chris Bruck) and Brandon’s love interest Tracy (Amanda Watson) agree to take the trip. On the road they also pick up a young female hitchhiker Denise (Melissa Bale).

At the cabin Denise confesses she is on the run from her boyfriend. She also scares the others with urban myth tales of a clown in the surrounding woodlands who goes on revenge killing sprees.

When Susan mysteriously disappears, the remaining four start a search only to find strange voodoo dolls and a mutilated dog placed throughout the house. Denise admits her boyfriend could be responsible and may be hiding, watching their every move. Denise attempts to seduce an increasingly worried Mark, leaving the others to doubt her integrity. Gradually each begins to question the motives of the others and they become wary and mistrustful.

Their level of paranoia increases when they discover their cell phones are out of service, the car tampered with and more mutilated effigies in the barn together with a mummified body. Meanwhile Mark discovers Susan’s headless body tied to a tree deep in the woods and is then pursued by a shadowy figure through the thick forest. He makes it to the cabin only to fall through the doorway dead – his back slashed and bloody.

Brandon, Denise and Tracy decide to barricade themselves in to wait for the authorities they have managed to raise on the CB radio. They are relieved when they hear a car outside and are about to rush out when Denise suggests they ask for I.D. The response is a terrifying pounding on the door. In the dark, the nightmare begins to worsen as the murderer toys with them. Brandon proposes that the girls cause a distraction while he escapes out back to go for help. Tracy and Denise take turns staying alert using Brandon’s pistol for some level of comfort, but scuffling in the bathroom signals the fact that somehow the killer is in the house.

Tracy raises the gun in terror as she sees the blurred figure of a giant man wearing a clown mask, but behind him calmly stands Denise and Brandon. The look on their faces tells Tracy all she needs to know – the three contrived this nightmare as the large man is Brandon’s uncle and Denis is his cousin. This has been a weekend of ‘sport’ for the family. The trio move in on Tracy and we fade to black.

Monday morning – Brandon is drinking coffee at the office and asks an attractive young co-worker “What are you doing next weekend?”

Director : Bob Willems
Producer : Bob Willems, Ken Hebert
Cast : Ken Hebert, Amanda Watson, Hank Fields , Chris Bruck
Running Time : 90 minutes

Release : 2003



Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved.