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When an African country declares independence, it means freedom and hope for some; despair, fear and death for others. The one certain thing is that no-one can escape the changes it will bring.

Joseph Mahoney, the last colonial commissioner in the beautiful Kariba Gorge, is in charge of a vast region thrown into turmoil as the old colonial rule comes to an end.

With the help of Suzie, the naturalist he loves, and Samson, his spirited Matabele servant, Joseph struggles to administer justice to all, despite tribal distrust and the ever-growing threat of the terrorists
masquerading as freedom fighters.

While Joseph is in London training to be a barrister, Samson is forced to join the black liberation movement ZAPU. When Joseph returns to Africa and settles down with Suzie at her farm, ZAPU orders Samson to bomb the Music
…….. farmhouse. Samson is appalled, but caught in the middle – with nowhere to go.

He eventually decides to bomb the farmhouse whilst his friends are away, but gets caught by the army. As Samson stands trial for the attempted murder of his two good friends, Joseph is also battling to get Samson pardoned,
win back the love of Suzie and to try to stop the country he loves from being plunged into a savage bloodbath of hatred and revenge.

But, even as he argues to save his friend’s life, time is running out.
For all of them ….

A moving and compelling study of freedom, friendship and love in the face of hatred, violence and death.

Director : Terence Ryan
Producer : Mark Cassidy
Cast : Edith Brychta / Oliver Reed / Christopher Cazenove / Patrick Shai
Running Time : 105 Mins

Languages:  English

Release : 1988