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Strays530 (2)

Professional layabout Panna is down on his luck nothing is going right for him, all he's got going for him are his fast fists and furious feet. One day while roaming the streets he saves a rich kid from some muggers, the two strike up a friendship. Panna soon learns that the kids father is a drug dealer and is soon killed by a rival drug cartel. Panna takes pity on the kid and helps him to get revenge. However things go from bad to worse as the kid gets gunned down by the cartel's Scicarios. Time to take revenge Panna Rittikrai style1
Stunts and fights galore, from the team that brought you Ong bak!

Director : Panna Rittikrai.
Producer : Ma Ann
Director of Photography: Kongkeeyat Assawineekoon
Cast : Panna Rittikrai, Bin Banluerit, Sompop Wongko, Salilaporn Thongpradee

Format: 35mm -HD 2.35:1
Running Time : 92 minutes
Release : 1987



Copyright © 1996 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.