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00944-11 Der Unbezwingbare Super Chan 11. Bild

Chan is a powerful Kung Fu swordsman. He is single minded his mission of revenge against the gang that killed his master. However, violence begets violence and after he has carried out vengeance against those responsible for his master's death vengeance that only brings people after him. Chan tries to settle down with a family, giving up his sword, but is forced to fight again when his daughter is murdered and his wife is taken hostage leading to a blood filled finale. -Definitely one of the most violent films of ALL TIME-

Cast: David Tang Wei, Yang Yang,
Han Hsiang-Chin, Kam Kei, Lui Ming, Tsao Chien, Wu Kuo-Liang, Ko Yu-Min, William Lan Tin-Hung
Producer: Ken Chair
Action Directors: Wang Ru Ping & Wu Tong-Chiao
Director: Sun Yang

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: Mandarin, English, French, Italian, German
Feature Length: 90 minutes



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