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In the remote countryside of a far off land, simple country-folk make their living by rearing elephants and hunting. Officials governing the country are ineffective and often corrupt, and robbers thrive in the backward areas. In one town, a powerful Landlord helps the robbers to terrorise the local people. A one-time assistant to the Landlord, Royer McQueen, becomes disillusioned with his life, and leaves the town to live in the countryside. He is well-liked by the country-folk, and they call him “Our Lord” The Landlord is jealous of Roger’s popularity, and sends his wife Betsy to contact the bandits in their mountain hideout. She bribes some of the town’s officials to arrest Roger> Steve Burton, a tough but honest cop, is tricked into hunting Roger down. While on his mission, he is attacked by the Landlord’s men. Roger comes to Steve’s rescue, endangering his own freedom. However, the country-folk and the elephants are on the lookout for Roger’s safety. Roger can no longer stand the Landlord’s deceit and trickery, and with the aid of his supporters, attacks the merchant’s palatial residence. They kidnap Betsy, who falls in love with Roger. Meanwhile, the robbers become dissatisfied with the Landlord’s unfulfilled promises, and they brutally take his life. They then turn their minds to the women in the village. They trick Roger into leaving the village, and trap the girls. Roger learns what has happened, and with Steve, leads the villagers and the elephants into a life and death battle with the bandits. In the end, peace and tranquillity is restored to the countryside.

Director of Photography: MA NU
Production Designer: CHOW MING
Producer: JOSEPH LAI
Director: SOM KIT
Format: Color, 35mm, 1:1.85
Languages: English, French, German
Feature Length: 90 minutes (2,470 Metres)



Copyright © MCMLXXX (1980) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved