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LAM LENG becomes a lonely ranger, seeking chances to improve his techniques in fronting and killing.
There is someone he must kill – KING KONG, who is responsible for the death of his parents.
The village stands more deserted in the snow because KING KING’S under men come often to cause trouble. There they are attempting to savage SIU KIU who is struggling like a caged bird with her limited kungfu skills. LAM LENG rescues her.
In the market place, the baddies are collecting fees from the hawkers. LAM LEUNG teaches them a good lesson.
KING KONG is terribly annoyed and he sends his top under man, THE FALCON to check the young Stranger. THE FALCON comes with his shadow warriors, the Ninja from Japan; and the American hoodlums to attack LAM. LAM repeatedly stands as the final winner.
Accidentally, LAM LENG comes across his younger brother, LAM FUN. They are separated after their parents’ death.
Now they find the where about of KING KONG. LAM LENG practices ‘8 STYLES OF BUDDHIST DEATH KICK” and LAM FUN “THE LEOPARD SORCERY FIST”.
Then they meet THE FALCON, who is expertise in ‘SOARING FALCON PALM”. The duo survives the fierce fight.
KING KONG is shocked to hear THE FALCON’S death. His plan to flee is too late. The LAM BROTHERS are too mad for vengeance to spare him. Another brutal fight becomes inevitable.

Screenplay: GLEN WONG
Director of Photography : FRED YU
Action Sequences Director: CHARLES YUEN
Producer: JOSEPH LAI
Director: GODFREY HO

Format: Color, 35mm
Languages: English, Spanish
Feature Length: 90 minutes




Copyright © MCMLXXXII by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.