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little kickbOX

Hyuk-jin is a model student in the 6th grade that is tormented by his physically superior peers. He sees Chloe-ho fight a bunch of hoodlums and is moved to learn Taekwondo. His mother is shocked to learn about Hyuk-jin's determination to learn the sport that killed his father and who died in a tournament. But she learns that Chloe-ho was her husband's pupil and on of his acquiesces. Hyuk-jin trains during summer break and is transformed into a physically powerful young boy. He roughens up Nak-joon's men who come to his mother's restaurant to collect rent. Nak-joon runs a fake gym while controlling a crime organization on the sly. He brings the Thai kick boxer who killed Hyuk-jin's father and opens a martial arts tournament. Hyuk-jin sees this as the perfect chance to avenge his father

Director : Lim Seon
Producer : Tomas Tang
Associate Producer: Dallie Yeung
Cast : Kim Jin-su, Kim Da Hye, Lee Taek,
Kwon Sung-young, Lee Ti, Kim Won Jin

Running Time : 90 minutes
Release : 1992



Copyright © 1992 by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.