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Elliot Lee is a brave soldier who is betrayed by his fellows whilst protecting a train load of refugees fleeing the territory. In the process of taking revenge, he kills his brother whom he mistakenly thinks is a traitor.

Elliot and his loyal commando are thrown into prison for their act of revenge. Having once saved the camp commander‘ s life, he’s now granted the privilege of seeing his girlfriend Laura.

Whilst in prison he becomes disillusioned with war and killing. When he bravely foils a camp revolt, he and his gang are permitted to escape and set up a spy network.

They escape successfully. But Elliot is not immediately accepted by the underground as his loyalty is expected. He decides to marry Laura, but their wedding is interrupted and once again he‘s unjustly thrown into prison.

A meeting with an old friend in jail convinces Elliot that his place is not to fight injustice passively but to battle on the front line. Thus he is released and returns to the war.

Cast: Lee Dae-Keun, Seo Seung-Hee , Song Jae-Ho, Kim Sang-sun , Lee Kang-Jo, Mario Cheung, Ken Blake

Screenplay: Benny Ho
Executive Producer: Joseph Lai
Producer: Kim Chi Han
Director:  Lee Hyeok Su & Godfrey Ho

Format: 35mm
Lamguage: English, Mandarin, Spanish
Running Time: 90 Mins



Copyright © MCMLXXXV by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.