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As a young child, the trauma Tyler Matthews experienced after discovering her father’s lifeless body with his eyes removed was unimaginable. Dr. Matthews had been working on a high-tech series of secret biological weapons when he was slain by the brutal psychopath Mr. HELL.

During his attempt to doom young Tyler to the same fate, Mr. HELL is dissolved by corrosive industrial acid.

Fourteen years later, Tyler is grown and working at the same lab where her father met his grisly fate. As the lab prepares to permanently close, a pair of incompetent workers inadvertently release Mr. HELL’s remains, reanimating the brutal serial killer.

Adding to the chaos is a group of mercenaries who have broken into the lab to steal a vial of deadly bacterium to sell to the highest bidding terrorist. The stage is set for a blood-soaked night of horror where the doors are locked and the screams can be heard for miles!

Cast : Larry Cashion, Tracy Scoggins, Amy Morris, Alan Martin, Tina Cohen
Director : Rob McKinnon
Producer : David Carren, Jolene McMaster
Running Time : 102 minutes
Release : 2006



Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved.