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Deep in the jungles of Guatemala at an isolated humanitarian research unit funded by a huge pharmaceutical corporation, an idealistic doctor stumbled upon a revolutionary procedure. By creating a cavity in a patient’s brain (usually with a nail) then injecting into it a unique drug cocktail, the doctor was able to achieve mind control.

Sensing market viability and massive potential profits the Corporation set out to eliminate any competition and control its distribution through domination and death squads.

Big business seized upon the discovery and using the world’s unwanted – and anyone who crossed them – a new slave race was created. These pseudo zombies, ripe for export, were made available for a variety of tasks; from sweat shops and sex farms to private mercenary armies. But one escaped …

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere a man wakes up at a crossroad, a nail stuck in his forehead. He remembers nothing of who he is or how he got there. As he stumbles along, trying to hitch a ride he’s set upon by a Zombie wielding garden shears. The fight that follows is bloody, visceral, and explosive. A face is stomped into a glass bottle; a head is filled with petrol and set alight.

Elsewhere we meet Duster. On a quest for revenge and fueled by anger he blasts his way across town smashing anyone who gets in his way. He’s searching for his daughter’s killers and the nailed escapee knows their identity – if he can be made to remember.

Meantime the Corporation has sent a hit gang led by The Suit, an unstable, unstoppable, undead killing machine. Possessing an unlimited supply of guns and ammo he leaves no witnesses and kills without remorse. The squad’s job is to track down and execute the escapee and eliminate any trace of Duster’s daughter – a former employee.

In a massive showdown with chain saws pitted against machetes; power drills matched against knives; bottles and baseball bats up against all manner of weapons – will anyone be left standing to unravel the truth or will the Corporation continue to prevail?


Cast : Tashi Martel, Glenn Ruehland, Frank Hruby, Samantha Noble
Producer : Marc Windon
Director : Gabriel Dowrick
Running Time : 85 minutes
Release : 2006



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