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Well respected businessman, Blake, is in reality a ruthless criminal who has amassed his fortune illegally. When detective, Greg, discovers that most of the police force is secretly on Blake's payroll,
he quits the force and determines to bring Blake to justice on his own. Blake's latest scheme is to gain control of a rival corporation by wreaking subtle havoc from within. ke orders one of his men,
Charlie, who is an employee at the rival corporation, to make a play for the director's daughter , Sophie, then manipulate the situation to gain control of the company. Sophie does in fact fall for Charlie,
but there is one complication: Charlie has a live-in girlfriend, Fonda. When Fonda finds out that Charlie has been seeing Sophie, sNe goes crazy and her actions threaten to ruin the whole plan.
Too much is at stake so Blake orders Charlie to get rid of Fonda. Charlie then throws her out of a boat in the middle of a lake and leaves her to drown. He then proceeds to marry Sophie.
Fonda, however, didn't die and bursts into the church in *wide rage. She disSedits Charlie and announces that she is pregnant with his child.
Then she produces a long knife and kills Charlie before she stabs herself in order to join him in death. Meanwhile, Blake has been having other problems from Greg's constant harassment.
He sends his men out to kill Greg, but Greg is more than a match for them and kills them all. With his empire crumbling, Blake Jneets Greg in a final showdown. Blake fights well, but is killed by Greg.

Starring: Lu Xiao fong, Mike Abbott, Roger Kong, Mark Watson Pedro Ernyes, Becky Cheng,
Edwin Lam
Director of Photography : Lin Wen-Chin
Screenplay : Chang Yung-Hsiang
Producers: Joseph Lai
Director: Richard Chen Yao-Chi

Format: Color, 35mm
Languages: English
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © © MCMLXXXVII (1987) by IFD FILMS ARTS & SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.