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Private I is an hilarious action packed comedy featuring a hard boiled private eye, Murphy, who has a reputation for solving tricky cases and tracking down the most wanted criminals. He goes about his missions with the innocent clumsiness of an “Inspector Clouseau”.

With the help of his ingenious computer and his son, “Little Murph”, they form a formidable trio of crime busters.
From the moment Murphy is approached by an underground drug dealer to find his runaway girlfriend Angel, his life becomes a whirlwind of excitement and intrigue. Not only does be have a hard time in finding Angel, but he also becomes the target of a drug smuggling team when a consignment of cocaine is mistakenly bidden in the spare tire of his motor car.

Thus, while Murphy is trying to find Angel, he also has two pursuers on his heels and this leads to an exciting and hilarious chain of events which culminates in a spectacular climax when Murphy is confronted by a notorious assassin and proves why he is considered a top private eye!


Cast : Regardt Van Den Berg, Anneline Kriel
Producer : Philo Pieterse
Director : Regardt Van Den Berg
Running Time : 96 minutes

Release : 1985



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