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Nin is a young lady coming from a rich family. At night time, she transforms herself in a mysterious executioner  to kill some mafia leaders . A rose is left as a signature. The policeman Chatri is satisfied that bad ruffians are neutralized but he needs to catch the executioner according to the Thai law. Nai Pratum is head of a big mafia ring  dealing with weapons trade . Nin disrupts his activities. Chatri meets Nin but ignores that she is the mysterious executioner. Chot is Nin's best friend but he wishes to become her husband. Nin refuses as she values more Chatri . Nin gives hints to Chatri to stop the ruffians. Nai Pratum recruits two hitmen to kill Chatri. They only succeed to injure him. Nai Pratum takes his order from a mysterious boss (เจ้านาย). Nai Pratum orders to kill another mafia leader and accuse Nin by leaving a rose on the premises. By kidnapping Chatri, Nai Pratum forces Nin to reveal her real identify in order to save Chatri. The mysterious leader is Chot, the unlucky lover. As expected, bad ruffians are defeated.

Starring: Sorapong Chatree, Marsha Watanapanit, Manop Assawatep, Payak Ramwatin, Tanya Tanrat

Screenplay: Picht Surin
Director: Suparuek

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: Thai
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © 1988 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.