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Brother against Brother, Ninja against Ninja.

The paths of three ninjas from the Golden Ninja Empire cross once again, on very different sides of the law. Leader of a gang of jewel thieves, Mango, desires to become the ultimate ninja if only he can get the manual of the secret Ninja techniques once owned by his master. And one of his two former training partners must have it, except they're already on his trail in a major crime investigation. An inevitable threesome of ninja cunning.
Ninja thieves, Ninja assassins. It’s a thin line… between good and evil.


Starring :Benny Tsui, Hwang Jang Lee, Mu-Wung Choi, Jeong-suk Guk
Action Sequences Designer:
Hwang Jang Lee
Screenplay : John Choi
Associate Producer: Dallie Yeung
Producers: Tomas Tang
Director: Choi Wu-Hyeong

Format : Color, 35mm, 2.2:39
Languages : English
Feature Length : 90 minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXII (1982) by FILMMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.