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In July 1944, the Second World War was moving towards its end with the Nazi and Fascist losing ground in Europe while the Japanese struggling with all their effort in the S.E. Asia. The Koreans were taking advantage of the situation for their liberation and independence. Both the Japanese and Korean forces were waging desperate battles to keep, occupy and/or recapture as many positions as possible for any tactical importance. Hill 598 in the Western Front was in the hands of the Japanese. To recapture it, the Korean forces had to send a raiding party with six rangers. "RAIDING PARTY" is the story of these brave men who are destined to die, except one, with an order to infiltrate the enemy line and explode the tunnels under Hill 598. The tunnels have kept the enemy well-supplied with ammunition, provisions and other logistical support. On their way to Hill 598 they are detected and attacked by the Japanese land and air forces and cornered into a deserted mill where they find a secret tunnel leading to safety. In the tunnel under Hill 598 they encounter and kill many enemy soldiers before they finally succeed in exploding the enemy ammunition dump. With their radio damaged they have no way to inform the headquarters of the success of their mission. They capture an enemy truck to make the return trip and to get killed. The lonely survivor Private Charlie, a medic, walks slowly back to the headquarters. "RAIDING PARTY" is a thundering story of war adventures, fast-paced, action-packed and touching! It has war scenes of the largest scale you could ever bargain for! And only the Americans can make such a sensational film in the Orient!

Cast: Gregory Ford, Chris Kennedy, Harry Randall, Barbara Lee, Sandy Chang

Producer: Keith Hunt
Associate Producer: Joseph Lai
Director: Wallace Leroy

Running Time : 80 minutes
Format: 35mm



Copyright © 1980 by IFD FILM ARTS & SERVICES. LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.