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Our story begins when molecular biologist Michael Dorn is accidentally infected with a new virus he is developing and his life takes a dramatic turn.

The virus, which he believed was initially designed as a cure for HIV, harbors something more sinister, turning its victims into vampires.

Now a threat to the very organization for which he worked, Michael is on the run, a tortured soul living off the streets as he battles to come to terms with his violent new existence as a blood lusting predator.

With malicious bounty hunter Lance and junkie vampire Gage in pursuit, Michael now knowing the true heinous potential of the virus, must decide the fate of the world.

His options; destroy all knowledge of the virus and the people behind it, or succumb to the power and delights of this dark and evil way of being.

Follow this action packed, modern Gothic fable, as we take you behind closed doors to reveal a virus so potent that it could change the fate of humanity, a virus that is believed to exist among us today …RVK-17.


Cast : Skel Dolen, Chris Kerrison, David No, Jhon Barresi
Producer : Kel Dolen & David Allen
Director : Kel Dolen & David Allen
Running Time : 90 minutes

Release : 2002



Copyright 2002 IFD FILMS AND SERVICES All Rights Reserved.