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Moving to a small country village with his new young wife, Vicki, famous novelist Raymond Heller believes his life will be ideal. He will be able to work on his latest classic horror novel, while living close to his ‘spiritual advisor’ Tanith, an old friend whom most of the locals regard as weird but Raymond believes has the gift of ‘second sight’.

His only employee is Nick, an aspiring writer, who is gradually repairing the estate. Vicki is a city girl and quickly becomes bored, alone in this sleepy, remote hamlet. She and Raymond start arguing over petty things and she realizes they don’t have much in common – she starts flirting with Nick.

When Sean pays a surprise visit, Vicki is more than a little agitated. He claims to be an old college friend of Vicki’s but is soon revealed to have some sort of hold over her.

He plans to blackmail Vicki and when she refuses, he attacks her. Vicki screams for help but Ray is too drunk to hear. In desperation she grabs some scissors and stabs Sean. Nick hears the commotion and comes to her aid and she discloses that Sean was her abusive husband. They had never actually divorced as he was in jail for 2 years. She begs Nick to help her hide the body and keep the truth of her past from Ray. Nick buries the corpse in the grounds before Ray wakes up. He and Vicki make love.

When Ray finds blood -on the scissors in his office his suspicions are aroused. He also realizes that Vicki has been distant and unloving. Ray throws his efforts into his writing and drinks even more heavily.

Nick bolts to the poolroom when he hears Vicki shriek and discovers Ray floating motionless in the pool. Vicki says he was drunk and stumbled in accidentally and they manage to revive him; however he is left temporarily blind.
Outwardly, Vicki plays the dutiful wife helping Ray with his typing but she continues to sleep with Nick every night. Tanith has misgivings. She mistrusts Vicki’s version of events.

Ray’s sight is abruptly restored and as he rushes from the house to tell Vicki, he discovers her making love to Nick. He decides to plot his revenge and temporarily keeps up the guise of blindness while he gathers evidence.

He starts to play mind games with Nick – sewing the seed of doubt in Nick’s mind as to whether the fall in the pool was an accident. He drugs Vicki and as the pills take hold, he admits he knew about her prior marriage and her killing Sean while using Nick as an accomplice. He confronts Nick and confesses he knows of their adultery and demands that Nick leave the property. Vicki awakens. She accuses Ray of trying to kill her and pushes him. He falls from the steps to his death – this time an accident – but who will believe it?

Director : Michael J. Murphy
Producer : Rick Authur, Jeanne Griffin
Cast : Patrick Olliver, Amy Raasch, James Reynard

Running Time : 87 minutes
Release : 1991



Copyright © MCMLXXXIII (1991) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.