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SEX IS A FOUR LETTER WORD is about love, lies and lust in the 90’s.

Sylvia Hersh is a love columnist, who is writing a novel on love stories. Tonight she has invited six friends into her home for drinks, dinner and conversation. Her friends are expected to tell true stories of their intimate love and sexual experiences.

During the course of the evening the boundaries between love, sex and friendship narrow. People are exposed, fears enlightened, joys celebrated, relationships are destroyed and new ones are formed.

SEX IS A FOUR LETTER WORD is a contemporary, in your face, 90’s drama about a group of friends coming to terms with their own feelings of those four letter words love, lies and lust.

Director : Murray Fahey
Producer : Murray Fahey
Cast : Miranda Otto, Joy Smithers , Rhett Walton , Mark Lee

Running Time : 91 minutes



Copyright © 1995 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.