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Innocent women are being kidnapped by a group of ninja and taken to a secret prison camp where they are forced to work as slave labour. Furthermore, the evil head ninja has ambitions to sell 53 of their number off to a high bidder in the Middle East. All is not lost however, for Jenny, a beautiful female ninja has been hired to infiltrate the camp and rescue Sylvia, one of the captive women there.

Cast: Wayne Archer, Edowan Bersmea, Deborah Grant, Chen Hung Lieh, Walter Leech, Sun Chien, Daniel Wells.

Producer: Tomas Tang
Associate Producer: Dalie Yeung
Directed by: Cheng Kei Ying

Language : English, German
RuningTime: 90 minutes
Format: 35mm 2.39:1



Copyright © 1989 FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.