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Another martial arts film that deals with the exploits of legendary Shaolin hero, Hu Hui-Chien (played by Chi Kuan Chun). After beating all the fighters at the cotton mill a Wu Tang based outfit, their chief, hires a Fukienese leg Fighter named Kao (Tan Tao Liang) also a student of the Wu Tang temple to do away Hu Hui Chien, using a cunning trick Kao makes friends with Hu and then challenges him to a duel and wounds him mortally. However, Hu makes it back to the temple and the Abbot prolongs his life just long enough to see him fight Kao one more deadly time. Without doubt, one of the all-time kung fu greats as real life masters Chi Kuan Chun (Hu) and Tan Tao Liang (Kao) go fists to foot to see who is the greater, Shaolin or Wu Tang, or the Fist or the Foot.

Cast: Tan Tao Liang. Chi Kuan Chun, Tang Xiao Wun, Chin Kwo Chung, Tan To Kung,
Chang Chi Ping, Lee Chiang, Chang Peng.

Producer: Liu Wei Bing
Executive Producer: Chang Cheh
Action Sequences Designer: Chang Peng
Screenplay: Chang Yi Yang
Director: Wu Ma

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: Mandarin
Feature Length: 90 minutes



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