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Roger Kimsky runs a huge arms•dealing organisation, the Black Ninja Empire — a ruthless band trying to gain control of the free world. Whatever the means, whoever he has to kill,
Kimsky will do it to achieve his ambition A policewoman. Jane. undercover as a boutique sales girl. manages to capture the affections of Mark, a significant figure in the Black Ninja Empire.
Risking her life she must get closer to the Empire's headquarters. Detectives Alex and Jerry Brown want justice. The two together determine to put away their deadliest opponent.
Mark. In order to prevent further investigation, Mark orders the deaths of Alex's wife and son. The two bloody deaths drive Alex into an uncontrollable
rage of revenge. a rage which could put Janes tile into further jeopardy. Colour.

Cast: Paulo Tocha, Pedro Ernyes, Eddie Chan, Eric Neff, Harry Caine, Conrad Chow.
Action Director: Kelvin Tong
Director of Photography: Hope Hart
Associate Producer: Dallie Yeung
Producer: Tomas Tang
Director: Don Kong

Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English, Spanish, German
Feature Length: 89minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXVII (1987) by FILMARK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.