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The Black Boss, Yellow Tiger and Merciless Tsang join forces and snatch a million dollars. Black Boss is responsible for hiding the money temporarily, and keeps close eye of its whereabouts. However, Yellow Tiger and Merciless Tsang are impatient and want their split. The dispute ends with the Black Boss dead, and only one person knowing the location of the money - his daughter. The heat is on as his daughter, and the man who befriends her, try to recover the money and outfox their pursuers.


Cast: Ka Sa Fa, Shin Yi Lung, Charlie Han,
Peggy Min Bok Gi, Han Ji Ha, Nam Chung Il

Producer: Tomas Tang
Executive Producer: Daillie Yeung
Action Sequences Designer: Ka Sa Fa
Director: Richard Park Woo Sang

Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English, Spanish, Korean
Feature Length: 86 Minutes



Copyright ©(1981) by IFD FILM ARTS & SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved..