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Julia, aged 18, kills her sister by pushing her down from the 12th floor; and at the discotheque, she hits her
classmate's head with a beer bottle. Julia is arrested and sent to the Girls Rehabilitation Centre where she is tortured and savaged by the guards. From there she soon escapes. She wants to kill a doctor named Norris. Norris allures and cheats both her mother and her elder sister. After he becomes rich and well known, he leaves them. With the help of the Jury and others in the Girls Rehabilitation Centre, Julia intends to have a revenge. But, as arranged by God, Norris falls down the cliff and dies. Julia doesn't commit a crime.

Directed by: Roy Rosenberg
Producer: Joseph Lai
Starring: Susan Lee, Stella Jone, Laura Sode-Matteson

Format: Color, 35mm,
Languages: English
Feature Length: 90 minutes



Copyright © MCMLXXXII (1982) by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved