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A burial ground is unearthed.
A girl dies.
An ancient curse lives on.

A young doctor becomes inextricably involved in a chain of supernatural events…
events that all seem to point towards,

Professor Bernard Thornton (Arthur Dignam), discovers an aboriginal bracelet on an archeological dig on Kangaroo Island. The bracelet along with other artifacts,
is removed to a museum where it is later stolen by a group of black activists. One of them, an attractive girl called Warindji (Kristina Nehm) is badly beaten by a security guard.
She is taken to hospital where Dr Cathy Thornton (Penny Cook) the Professor’s daughter examines her.

Cathy is startled when Warindji’s x-ray starts to move and even more startled when immediately after her death she has a psychic vision of Warindji being attacked
by a fierce looking whaler called Kelly (Arthur Dignam). She retires to the change room and is perplexed to find a mark on her arm which is identical to the bracelet worn by the dead girl.
What Cathy doesn’t know is that it is the same bracelet that was stolen from the museum.

Trying to make some sense of the mark she pours over the aboriginal history at the local library. Suddenly her hand starts drawing a strange shape which she later discovers resembles Kangaroo Island.
An overwrought Cathy returns home and pleads tiredness so she doesn’t have to accompany her boyfriend Geoff (Gary Sweet) to a company dinner. He’s thoroughly disgruntled and leaves without her.
That night she has a weird dream about Warindji, Kelly and some hideous looking whalers. The following morning the bracelet is stolen from the hospital by Najira (Lawrence Clifford) a friend of Warindji’s.
Cathy gives chase but he gets away.

Cathy’s mother dies and at the funeral we see that all is not as it should be between father and daughter.
Thornton’s attitude towards her is more that of a lover but when she suggests they spend more time together he coldly rejects her.
On her way home from the funeral Cathy sees her father in an argument with an aboriginal whom she recognizes as the person who stole the bracelet from the hospital.

She chases him anxious to get some information but he is killed in a traffic accident trying to escape her. Cathy has too many unresolved questions so she decides to join her father on Kangaroo Island.
On the way she falls asleep at the wheel of her car and has another disturbing dream about Warindji, Kelly and the whalers. She comes to at the sound of a horn and swerves sharply narrowly missing an on coming truck.

She has to spend a night at the Innsmouth Pub and has another nightmare about the whalers. This time she dreams that both she and Warindji are being attacked.
In the meantime Geoff is worried because he hasn’t heard from her and decides to follow her to the island.

Cathy finds her father almost as soon as she arrives but cannot get a suitable explanation as to why he’s there. Sometime later she hears gunshots and goes down to the beach to investigate.
She is horrified to find that a whale has been slaughtered and even more horrified by her father’s reaction. That night when she reads his diary with its tales of lust and murder she realizes that she’s dealing with a very sick man.
Her worry turns to stark terror when she is attacked by the same man with the same flansing tool and wonders whether she’s losing her mind.

As she turns to flee, Cathy runs to Geoff who finally manages to calm her and get her to bed. Geoff returns to the study but this time to see Thornton outside the window with the flansing tool.
He has a demonic look in his eye and bears a frightening resemblance to Kelly.

The following morning Cathy finds Geoff’s body on the beach and flees to the sanctuary of the lighthouse only to be pursued by her deranged father.
The light house is the only witness to the chilling climax played out between father and daughter.

Director : Mario Andreacchio
Producer : Craig Lahiff / Wayne Groom
Cast : Arthur Dignam / Penny Cook / Gary Sweet
Running Time : 87 minutes
Release : 1988



Copyright 1988 All Rights Reserved.