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After 2 years from the wife's death, Se-Hyeong visiting his friend's photo exhibition meets Hyeon-Ae, Cheon-Il's sister and marries her. After that, his house is swarming with rats and a strange noise continues. Hyeon-Ae has symptoms of somnambulism and her condition grows worse. After Cheon-Il studies psychics, he visits the grave of Se-Hyeong's ex-wife. But her body is not in the grave. With the help of a Psychic Research Association, Cheon-Il reveals that Se-Hyeong killed his wife because he coveted her property. While running away, Se-Hyeong dies from falling down out of the window. Finally, Hyeon-Ae gets out of the pain.

Cast : Nora Miao, Kao Chiang, Li Chiang Guan, Shan Essie Lin Chian, Qin Han
Producer : Cook Shing-Hwa, Kim Tai-Soo
Director : Mak Pang-Chin Lee Seong-Gu
Running Time : 90 minutes

Release : 1976



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