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David Turner (David Patterson) is on his way to meet his wife Natalie (Rachel Blakely) for dinner when he is beaten senseless by a group of thugs. Both David, who runs the family dance academy, and his wife are accomplished jazz ballet stars but David’s beating means he may never dance again.

With David confined to a wheelchair and unable to function, Natalie is forced to hire Jack Forrest (David Orth) to manage the dance school.

As David becomes more withdrawn and morose, turning regularly to drink, Natalie becomes more and more attracted to Jack and eventually sleeps with him. The tension between the three increases and David appears to attempt suicide. He survives and tries to reconcile with Natalie.

The dance troupe wins a world dance championship, but a celebratory dinner is interrupted by fraud investigator, Detective Johnson (Peter Kent) and we learn all may not be as it seems. An insurance policy worth two million dollars has been paid out to David and, as we discover an intriguing set of scams and double scams, the real deceit, mystery and intrigue behind “The Turner Affair” is revealed.

Director : Geoff Cox
Producer : Pascale Cox, Geoff Cox
Cast : David Patterson, Rachel Blakely,
David Orth, Peter Kent

Running Time : 88 minutes
Release : 2002




Copyright © 2002 by IFD FILMS AND ARTS LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.