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wrong steps

AH-Long came up Taipei from the south in order to look for a good job that he ha dreamt for a long time. When stepped out Taipei Station, suddenly he was at a loss about where to go. The crowd were coming and going hurryingly not even raised their head and took a look. He began aware that he heard from his friends that there are m or job hunters than there are jobs in Taipei.
Luckily however he chanced upon an old friend, Shao-Teh, who then was investigating the whereabouts of his mother and found nothing. Because of being in a totally strange world without a single friend, soon they became more intimate friends than ever before. Shao-Teh at that time was working for a rascal named Chin-Hu, but he never thought that the lover of Chin-Hu, Li-Hung was exactly his own mother who he was always missing so much. As a matter of fact, Li-Hung had already known that Shao-Teh was her own flesh, but, recalling the past when she turned her back to his family and his husband just for her selfish idea, she felt shame and repentant. Now she wouldn't let him know the whole truth. To her, the vanity, ambition were just a nightmare, and the only thing she could do was to take care of Shao-Teh stealthily.
Ah-Long got a job as a taxi-driver Unfortunately , at the disturbing of racketeers and juvenile delinquents that always asked for a free lift, he was forced to quit. When he was in financial difficulty and had no one to turn to, Chin-Hu took advantage of Shao-Teh to persuade Ah-Long to transport poison for him. Ah-Long also want to take this chance to find out the leader of this illegal organization. in a certain day, when they were delivering the poison, the criminals, at the cooperation of Ah-Long, Li-Hung and police that were informed by Ah-Long beforehand, were rounded up.
From that time on, Shao-Teh and Ah-Long began a new start in struggling for their unpredictable future life.

Director: Hsu Mei
Producer: Charles Lee
Cast: Tsai Jung-Hua, Chen Ming-Chu, Weng Hsiao-Hu

Format: Color, Video
Running Time: 90 minutes
Release: 2008
Language : Mandarin



Copyright © 1986 by IFD FILMS AND SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.