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Kate, (Chantal Contouri) a career girl with a steady boyfriend Derek (Rod Mullinar), is tracked down by the secret society members known as “The Brotherhood”.

They are in fact a society of vampires who believe that Kate as being descended from an illustrious, aristocratic, Austrian vampire family of the 18th century.

Kate is kidnapped by The Brotherhood who take her to their secret farm headquarters where stringent efforts are made to convince her of her ancestry.

Kate resists with all her might and escapes. Once recaptured, she submits to their ways after undergoing heavy psychological conditioning by Dr. Fraser. (David Hemmings).

She is released by the group back into society and eventually attacks those close to her…her secretary Martha and her boyfriend Derek.

Fighting against her new instincts, the real Kate starts to re-emerge, but how long will the Brotherhoods hold over her last and what will they do once they discover that their power over her is waning?

With Frank, Red and Dan closing in on the cottage, Macy is desperate to find a way out of the impending blood bath. Ultimately she discovers she must make a choice – save her family or escape with the money.

Director : Rod Hardy
Producer : William Fayman, Antony Ginnane
Cast : Chantal Contouri / David Hemmings / Henry Silva / Shirley Cameron

Running Time : 92 minutes
Release : 1979



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