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"She's A One Woman Ninja Death Force"

A superb martial arts movie gem. Hard hitting action! The Thunder Cat Woman, seeks to avenge the murder of her father, and in order to defeat the Tirad mob that brought about his demise she must master the art of the Yagu Ninja style. Once mastered she leaves Japan and heads for Taiwan where she unleashes her vengeance in the most unmannerly fashion. A modern day kung fu / Ninja classic!

Cast: Jenny Yang Hui-Chih, Li Mu-Chen, Tian Ming, Yu Ming-Ren, Bai Ruo-Lan
Producer: Hsiao Yin-Fang
Action Director: Hsiao Yu-Fei
Director:Lin Wan Hsing

Format: Color, 35mm, 2.39:1
Languages: Mandarin, English
Feature Length: 80 minutes



Copyright © 1986 by IFD FILM ARTS AND SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.